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Dogs On the Patio

This is how we have a relaxing day on the patio at our place. We do it with dogs. We have it all fenced in so we can relax, knowing the dogs are safely with us.

When we open the door from the side porch, our dogs know which way to go depending on if we say pasture, fountain/patio, or car. If they have taken off too quickly, they will do a big u-turn to go to the proper place.

As our newest dog, Claire has been on leash in the patio area most of the summer since we tried two times off lead and she went tearing through the raised flower beds. We tried her loose over the weekend and she did good! She seems to have the idea. So far she is only free when we can supervise, but she seems to have it.

This makes her, and us, happy!

Dogs On the Patio


Dogs enjoy hanging out on the patio at our house too.

Claire napping

Actually, they enjoy hanging out with us.


If Zekie knows I am out here, he will bark every few minutes until I come and get him. As you can see, this makes him very happy.

Claire, Baxter, & Cassius

They especially enjoy laying on the futons.

Shelby & Nikki

Or laying in the shade.


Hanging out with the pups makes me as happy as it makes them.

Spring Approaches


Spring is the season of rebirth and hope. We know that warmer weather, sunshine, and growth are not so far away.


It was so nice this afternoon, nearly 60 degrees, that I took all six dogs outside to sit on the patio and soak up some sun. Zekie took the opportunity to sniff scents in the air.

He also spent time just enjoying the sun.

Cassius & Baxter

And here we have Cassius and Baxter on border patrol, guarding the fence.

Shelby and Nikki spent most of their time sleeping in the sun too. Just a preview of things to come as the weather warms.