Monthly Archives: July 2019

The Progress of the Olive Tree

Early in the year, I wrote about our olive tree that wintered in our spare bedroom. I wasn’t sure if the growth was blooms or fruit. Well, it turns out what we had then was blossoms.

The plant has been outside for a few months now and folks, we have fruit. Granted it is still in the early stages but I’m claiming it!

In fact, with the olive tree, the pot of herbs, and the stone walls, I may just pretend I’m in Italy!

Seasons of Summer

Time for a quick stroll around the patio garden. It was hot over the weekend so that is my inflatable pool chair behind the hibiscus.

This is one of my $2.00 clearance finds from one of the big box stores. It is a mounding annual vinca vine.

Another clearance find. This is called pentas. I wasn’t familiar with this one but I am enjoying it.

The coleus growth is slow this year but they do provide a lot of color.

The Peruvian lilies are getting their second round of flowers.

Mandevillas are a perennial favorite at our house. Pun intended.

The hydrangeas are becoming quite spectacular. This one is a little confused. It is part bluish purple and part pinkish. This might be good for a yin-yang theme.

Here is a picture of our newer flower bed with Cassius lounging in the background.

The roses are doing fine and as you can see, it will soon be the season for gladioli.

Summer is good to measure in mini seasons, for maximum enjoyment. Lily season, rose season, glad season, and so on. There is always something to enjoy, and something to look forward to.

A Wonderful Gift

I had a wonderful 4th of July holiday last week for numerous reasons. Not the least of which was my brother had this piece of art commissioned as a surprise gift for me. There was no occasion, my brother is just thoughtful and awesome! The work is of my dog Duncan, who I still miss immensely and will always be a part of me even though he has been gone for some years now.

The drawing was done from one of my favorite photos of Duncan. You can see the bond we shared reflected in his eyes.

The piece now resides in my office at work so I can enjoy it there. The portrait was done by a family member in my brother’s extended family. Thanks Chris Whitaker! I would recommend Chris if you are interested in something similar of one of your own furry or feathered family members. He has an Etsy Shop called WHITSwhiskers.

Hope your days are blessed with such thoughtful and talented family as well.

Holding Hands

We had a good evening yesterday. We took the four larger dogs for a walk since the weather was considerably cooler than it had been. It was also Nursing Home night. Nikki was happy to go visit her friends there since she didn’t get to go on the walk.

And I saw something I had never seen before. One of the ladies inadvertently put her arm down over Nikki’s paw. Nikki put her other paw on top of the arm and hugged the lady’s arm for about 10 minutes. It looked like they were holding hands. This made them both very happy!

Shelby thoroughly enjoyed her visit too as you can see from one of her trips to check in with me and make sure all is well. She knows we are working as a team so frequently checks in with me for feedback.

Cassius was also a happy boy last evening. Needy, much? Yup, he’s a momma’s boy.

Patience Pays Off

We almost dug up this rose at the beginning of the season with the intent of trashing it in the compost pile. It died nearly down to the ground and had not produced a bloom in two years. We thought the extreme cold for our area over the past two winters had killed the grafted portion. This would have left the rootstock which is likely a wild rose with many thorns and very small, wild flowers. Something more weedy than flowery.

The plant showed new growth so we decided to give it one more chance. We patiently watched while a bud developed. It was nearly ready to unfurl that bud so we could determine the color and see which type of rose it was, when…something, most likely a chipmunk or possibly a skunk, ate the bud! We went out to check the flower the next morning and it was gone.

Luckily, there were more buds on the way. And when they opened up, we discovered that it was indeed the climbing rose that we hoped for. We may have to mulch and cover our roses to help them survive and be healthy if those colder than usual spells continue. But we are glad to see our old friend blooming once again on the trellis.