Holding Hands

We had a good evening yesterday. We took the four larger dogs for a walk since the weather was considerably cooler than it had been. It was also Nursing Home night. Nikki was happy to go visit her friends there since she didn’t get to go on the walk.

And I saw something I had never seen before. One of the ladies inadvertently put her arm down over Nikki’s paw. Nikki put her other paw on top of the arm and hugged the lady’s arm for about 10 minutes. It looked like they were holding hands. This made them both very happy!

Shelby thoroughly enjoyed her visit too as you can see from one of her trips to check in with me and make sure all is well. She knows we are working as a team so frequently checks in with me for feedback.

Cassius was also a happy boy last evening. Needy, much? Yup, he’s a momma’s boy.