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I was reviewing my notes from when I started this blog. One of the bits of advice was to let the audience know your qualifications. Hmmm, I need qualifications so people will listen to me spout random thoughts and ideas? Apparently so. Well, since the majority of my musings have something to do with dogs, I will provide my “dog” résumé. This the résumé I had to provide when I applied to be an evaluator for therapy dogs.


I did update it to be current. To be honest, I am more proud of this than my professional work résumé. It is a summary of what I am passionate about. It makes me think of a quote I saw on Facebook recently. “I don’t always talk about dogs…sometimes I’m asleep.” Guilty as charged. But proud of it.

It’s Not Always Black & White

This post is very meaningful to me. One of the most meaningful that I have written so I would like to share it again. By the way, Blitz did get a wonderful home where he is loved very much.

Sanctuary Acres


One of the things I sometimes hear about animal rescue work is “why don’t you spend your time helping people?” This irritates me for a number of reasons.

Reason number one is because animals are God’s creatures. The God I know wants us to be kind to every living thing. Animals are God’s creation just as we are. Do you really think that God will think it is ok if we let animals suffer when we could have helped? I think not. I realize that not everyone is capable of dealing with the things I encounter in dog rescue. But I am capable and it is my passion so I should do the work.

Reason number two for me, is helping animals is not mutually exclusive from helping people. Doing one does not take away from doing the other. Helping humans and animals can coexist. Just because there are people…

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Hair! My hair is a thing unto itself. As you can see there’s a lot of it. This is after being in a pony tail for two days. Of course it has been raining for those two days. That makes it at least twice its normal size. I’ve been accused of it crawling across the pillow and attacking. This may be true. I’ve been sleeping with it in a ponytail lately so there are less knots and rat’s nests to brush out in the morning.

20150329_155847  Lacey  20160131_180219.jpg

As I was brushing it out this morning, I made a surprising discovery. I found a cat toenail stuck in there. How does this happen? It couldn’t have happened while I was sleeping. Our cats don’t even go upstairs, they are not allowed. Between family allergies and the fact they think the upstairs is a super highway/jungle gym at night, it just doesn’t work out. So how could this even happen? See photos of criminal suspects above.


Of course there are benefits to having this much hair. It keeps you warm in the winter time. With exorbitant amounts of styling gel/calming serum it can look not too bad. Husbands like it. Also, between the amount of it and the slight curls, I can cut it myself. If it’s not exactly even or straight, no one is the wiser. In fact I have not had a professional haircut since my brother’s wedding nearly nine years ago. If I think it gets too long or it annoys me, I get the scissors out and get rid of some of it. It comes out looking at least presentable. 

Things could be worse than carrying around a hidden cat nail. I guess the hair stays.

Fair Lady of Spring


Oh, fair lady of spring,
First, bearing your cup – like blossoms,
Then wearing your memories dear,
Thank you for the smiles you bring.

This vase makes me smile for many reasons. I enjoy it in its own right. The figure makes me think she is a peasant girl, wearing her Sunday best, out enjoying the gathering of beautiful flowers that she will display. And the flowers she holds are beautiful in and of themselves.

I also have special feelings for this vase because it was a gift from a friend.  It had belonged to her mother. After her mother passed, they were clearing out some of her things. When my friend saw this vase she knew that it would be appreciated in its new home with me.

And so she is.