Monthly Archives: September 2016

A Visit  With Friends 

Baxter had his first visit to the nursing home last night.  It went well.  Of course it did,  this is Baxter we’re talking about. Our friends who normally  visit with us weren’t able to come so I thought it might be a good time to introduce Baxter. The folks we visit have heard all about him so I thought they might like to meet him. He was a hit. Our friend Bob said that’s my kind of dog.

Of course Shelby was a hit too. She’s the most reliable of my dogs on a visit. Always happy to work and spend time with mommy. 

And the ever popular Nikki is a crowd favorite. She’s so cute that sometimes I liken her to a stuffed toy.

All in all, a very good visit. We shall return. 

Fun Times

Day 7 of our life with Cassius. 

This is the face of a dog that just tried to pick up the TV remote. 

This is particularly funny because our last greyhound ate two TV remotes in her early days. This resulted in dog piles with numbers sticking out of them. 

We have been fortunate that our dogs always seem to have the constitution of goats. Putting remotes up now.

“I Try to Be Good! “

Day 3. “I try to be good.”

Cassius was fascinated by the cat running through the living room this morning. He never touched the cat and I was there in seconds. He seemed surprised. “Oh, you want to chase the cat too? What? Oh, I’m not supposed to chase the cat? You guys are weird.”

So on went the muzzle until he was suitably calm. We had one more time where he got up from his bed to look at a cat. I told him no and said “no cats”. He looked at me in puzzlement and laid back down. There were several more instances where he looked at the cats as they went through the room. I calmly told him no cats and as he continued laying on the bed told him “good no cats”. He still thinks I’m weird but I could see the process of working things out in his head. I’m glad I the day off from work so we can start dealing with these things now.

Never fear. Cassius will not be unsupervised with cats anytime soon. If we must step outside or go in the basement he will wear a muzzle if no one else is home. And he will definitely be crated when we go away for the forsee able future. 

New Family Member! 

New dog is here! It has been 4 1/2 years since we’ve had a new dog. That’s a long time for us. 

His call name at the track was Tomm. That is my ex husband’s name so we’ve been working on a different one.  So far the one that seems to stick is Cassius, with a nickname of Cash. A Roman name for a boy with a Roman nose. We are starting by calling him Tomm Cash so we can get his attention. Soon we will drop the Tomm.

Cash is a retired racer that we adopted from Greyhound Adoption of Ohio. They have a website if you are interested in one of their wonderful dogs. There are also other groups across the country dedicated to saving these dogs. Cash was apparently fast. He ran many races and was at the track for quite a while as he will be 4 years old early next month.

We brought him home yesterday.  He is doing great with our other dogs and fine with our 4 cats as well. He is our fourth greyhound but the only one currently. Our other dogs are a doberman/black lab mix and the 3 shelties, one of which is a foster dog.  We are also watching another sheltie this week, while her family is away. 

Cash is totally clueless about life in a home, having lived at the track his whole life. I have never had a dog that seems so totally puzzled with the boundaries of life with a family. I’m sure this will make great fodder for future posts. Right now he is learning about what is not acceptable in regards to procuring food. His current attitude seems to be, “Oh, you have food? I also like food. I think I will have some.” It does not occur to him that food on your plate, or kitchen counter, might not be meant for him. And when you tell him no, he seems to be thoroughly confused by this concept. Stairs also confound him, which I understand is common for racing greyhounds. We only have 4 steps to go in and out so this is manageable. 

But I must say, we are loving having this big dog as a part of our family.  More tales to come! 

Cycles of Life

Life changes no matter what. There are ups and there are downs always. Hang in there the bad times are temporary. Cherish the good times because they are not guaranteed. 

I have survived some hard times in recent months. The death of three very close friends and the death of our beloved greyhound along with other life turmoils.

Now come the good times. Things are definitely looking good. A recent promotion at work, a new greyhound arriving next week, and a long holiday weekend with lots of time to spend with family. 

This is the reward. Life is good!