New Family Member! 

New dog is here! It has been 4 1/2 years since we’ve had a new dog. That’s a long time for us. 

His call name at the track was Tomm. That is my ex husband’s name so we’ve been working on a different one.  So far the one that seems to stick is Cassius, with a nickname of Cash. A Roman name for a boy with a Roman nose. We are starting by calling him Tomm Cash so we can get his attention. Soon we will drop the Tomm.

Cash is a retired racer that we adopted from Greyhound Adoption of Ohio. They have a website if you are interested in one of their wonderful dogs. There are also other groups across the country dedicated to saving these dogs. Cash was apparently fast. He ran many races and was at the track for quite a while as he will be 4 years old early next month.

We brought him home yesterday.  He is doing great with our other dogs and fine with our 4 cats as well. He is our fourth greyhound but the only one currently. Our other dogs are a doberman/black lab mix and the 3 shelties, one of which is a foster dog.  We are also watching another sheltie this week, while her family is away. 

Cash is totally clueless about life in a home, having lived at the track his whole life. I have never had a dog that seems so totally puzzled with the boundaries of life with a family. I’m sure this will make great fodder for future posts. Right now he is learning about what is not acceptable in regards to procuring food. His current attitude seems to be, “Oh, you have food? I also like food. I think I will have some.” It does not occur to him that food on your plate, or kitchen counter, might not be meant for him. And when you tell him no, he seems to be thoroughly confused by this concept. Stairs also confound him, which I understand is common for racing greyhounds. We only have 4 steps to go in and out so this is manageable. 

But I must say, we are loving having this big dog as a part of our family.  More tales to come!