Monthly Archives: September 2018

A Fine Fall Weekend

Saturday was a good day. The weather was pleasant, finally a break from the rain and gloom. It’s hard to complain too much when portions of the rest of the country have suffered from ongoing flooding. As fall progresses, our garden is still a very enjoyable place.

We have a beautiful aster and still lots of datura in bloom, as well as many other flowers.

And pups to enjoy them with us. How lucky can one girl get?

And we got a portable fire pit so as the fall weather continues to cool, we can still enjoy spending time outside. I think the pups approve.

We resumed going on walks starting today. The temperatures are just right to make them really enjoyable. We drove to a nearby town and walked and looked at architectural details on houses. And you’ll never believe who was the most well behaved dog was on our outing. Zekie! I never thought I would be saying that!

Hello, Old Friend

It’s always good to catch up with old friends. This is a picture of an old friend. Sky (formerly known as Skylar) spent the past week with us while his humans were away. He was our foster dog for a number of months about three years ago. Fortunately, his humans are also friends of ours so he gets to stay with us every once in a while.

Sky got to spend some time with us on the patio on the one nice day we had. This was a treat because it wasn’t totally fenced in back when he lived with us.

At first he just watched everyone else play. See him peeking from behind the plant?

But then he remembered how things work around here and started to join in.

By the end of the afternoon, Sky was tired and ready for a rest.

He is back home with his own family now but it sure was nice to spend some time with him.

Thank You For Being a Friend

The girls and I lost a friend this week. Nikki (above), Shelby (below) and I have been visiting at a local nursing home for a number of years. This gentleman, Bob, was one of our favorites.

I visited with Bob the two times a month that we went to the nursing home for the four and a half years that he resided there. He always greeted us with a smile and a quick wit. I could tell everyone loved him, workers and residents alike.

He always had a kind word, words of comfort or a joke to share. As we got to know each other, I found out that Bob was from the same small community that I live in. I live right down the street from a business he once had. Over the months, Bob taught me a lot of local history of the area and tidbits of information about what times used to be like there. I learned from him about local landmarks and points of interest, and just what times were like over the years.

Bob could talk about anything. We talked about “our Cavs”, gardening, current events, historical events, his family, my family. You name it, we probably talked about it. We shared life. I felt closer to him than any grandparent I ever had.

Bob lived a good, and long life. He was 94. Still, I cried when I saw his obituary in the paper. I didn’t think it was time yet. Thank you my friend, my life is better for having known you.

Kitty In a Box

All ready for shipping! Including packing material. Lol.

What is it about cats and boxes? Every box that comes through here, the cats try to claim. Even the tiny 4 x 4 inch boxes that Orange Kitty has no hope of fitting in. Well, maybe one foot.

Seriously! I feel guilty if I throw a box away. (I should say recycle. I would never put a box in the trash, gasp!) I am to the point where I am considering how I can make them into a two story kitty condo. I don’t want to be the meanie who denies the kitties their joy.

Orange Kitty may be ready for shipping but I think it is going to take extra postage!

The Good Life

It’s always nice to hear about a former foster dog. This is Sweetie. We fostered her three years ago. She was a favorite. Definitely in the top five of any fosters who have come through here.

Sweetie is our kind of dog. A big sheltie with lots of energy and attitude and smarts. Luckily she went to an amazing couple who keeps in touch.

Sweetie is living the good life. Her new (at least three years ago she was new) mom works from home. Sweetie gets to go camping and hiking. The perfect life for her. And she gets all the attention. She doesn’t have to share with a pack.

As you can see from the video, life is definitely good! This is what makes it all worthwhile.

Sweet Dreams

What to do on a cold, rainy day? Stay in the house and snuggle under the covers. The cold is relative. It only seems cold because a few days ago it was 90 degrees. Today it was 57. Ask me again in January and see if I still think 57 is cold.

And the rains came down all day long and still are. They are coming off some distant hurricanes. We complain about the excess rain but it sure beats a hurricane.

It makes for boring days for the dogs. No frisbee time or pasture time at all.

Nothing fun. Mealtime becomes the highlight of the day. And that is a sad thing indeed because the vet said Cassius the greyhound and Baxter both need to lose five pounds.

So a nap goes on the agenda. Sweet dreams.

Check Out These Faces!

Australian Cattle Dogs, 2 years old and 6 months old. Females.

Pit Bull, young.

Pit Bull mix.

Pit Bull mix.

These are the dog photos that I have saved to my phone for the past two weeks. They are from various situations, mostly shelters, and are in need of homes. These are just the dogs that have struck a chord in my heart. Dogs that I would consider pursuing and adopting, did we not already have five dogs. There were many more beautiful and highly adoptable dogs.

I watched a video from a local shelter that was pleading for adopters for their dogs. You see, their facility is full and they don’t want to euthanize. The video went on for few minutes, showcasing each dog for mere seconds. They were wonderful dogs. About 80% of them were dogs that I would be happy to adopt. If I had room and resources.

So my plea to you, if you are looking for a new family member of the canine persuasion, is to check out the dogs (or cats, rabbits, etc. ) at local shelters, pounds, and rescues.

To be fair, some homes would be better suited with a dog from a reputable breeder. Some of you will have specific needs like wanting to show your dog or have special, restrictive family situations that require you to know exactly what you are getting. And some folks are not in a position to properly care for a pet. Be it due to work schedules or small children, a pet is not a viable option for you at this point in time. I get that.

But if you are considering adding a dog, please do check out all adoption options first. There are purebreds, young dogs, calm dogs, and yes, high energy and needy dogs too, all wanting to be your companion. Do your homework before you adopt to ensure the best fit.

Don’t forget your local shelters. Just look at these faces!