Check Out These Faces!

Australian Cattle Dogs, 2 years old and 6 months old. Females.

Pit Bull, young.

Pit Bull mix.

Pit Bull mix.

These are the dog photos that I have saved to my phone for the past two weeks. They are from various situations, mostly shelters, and are in need of homes. These are just the dogs that have struck a chord in my heart. Dogs that I would consider pursuing and adopting, did we not already have five dogs. There were many more beautiful and highly adoptable dogs.

I watched a video from a local shelter that was pleading for adopters for their dogs. You see, their facility is full and they don’t want to euthanize. The video went on for few minutes, showcasing each dog for mere seconds. They were wonderful dogs. About 80% of them were dogs that I would be happy to adopt. If I had room and resources.

So my plea to you, if you are looking for a new family member of the canine persuasion, is to check out the dogs (or cats, rabbits, etc. ) at local shelters, pounds, and rescues.

To be fair, some homes would be better suited with a dog from a reputable breeder. Some of you will have specific needs like wanting to show your dog or have special, restrictive family situations that require you to know exactly what you are getting. And some folks are not in a position to properly care for a pet. Be it due to work schedules or small children, a pet is not a viable option for you at this point in time. I get that.

But if you are considering adding a dog, please do check out all adoption options first. There are purebreds, young dogs, calm dogs, and yes, high energy and needy dogs too, all wanting to be your companion. Do your homework before you adopt to ensure the best fit.

Don’t forget your local shelters. Just look at these faces!