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The Transformation of Pain

What once brought pain now brings happiness. This is a lesson I have learned from this video. Two of my girls featured have now passed on. At the time the pain was tremendous. And now, although I miss them still, being able to look at this simple video brings me comfort. 

I am blessed to remember the many times and great love we shared. This is something to remember during future painful times. Because they always come. Life is a cycle of joy and sadness, happiness and pain, good times and bad, life and death. Hence the saying “this too shall pass”. It applies to everything. 

But for this evening, I will enjoy these thoughts of some of my pups, past and present.


Kammie left this world this morning, after a lengthy illness, with her loving human mother by her side. She was nine years old.

We had the privilege of being Kammie’s foster family for 14 months. She was a sweet dog with an agreeable personality.  Her first human passed away which landed Kammie at one of the Cleveland shelters. She didn’t kennel well and was fortunate to be taken in by a short term foster family. They wanted the best for her so sent her on to our sheltie rescue. She was on thyroid medicine and antibiotics for a bladder infection. I met someone in a parking lot to do the transfer to get her to us. The plan was to get some weight off of her,she came to the shelter at 59 lbs, get her healthy and then find her a home.

Little did we suspect that she was home. She underwent treatment for several bladder infections that never really seemed to clear up. She came to our house in April of 2016. In July, after undergoing an ultrasound, she was diagnosed with several bladder tumors. At that point she was deemed unadoptable and we decided to provide her with whatever time she had remaining at our home.

So Kammie became one of our pack and a member of our family. She would bark and run outside with the other dogs. Sometimes she would then turn around and come back inside, her job escorting the others outside having been completed. She received a number of medications without complaint: Thyroid pills, piroxycam (to slow tumor growth), often antibiotics, and in the later days, tramadol for pain.  Not only did she take them without complaint, she would come and wait for them at the appropriate times. She was a good girl.

Kammie slowed down a little bit at a time with her back end getting weaker until by late this week, she could no longer walk. After a couple days when she had shown no improvement and the veterinarian thought the tumors had probably metastasized to put pressure on her spine, we knew the time had come.  Our time with Kammie was a gift and it was time to give her back. 

Thank you Kammie for sharing your time with us and letting us enjoy your gentle smile and spunky personality. We were blessed by your presence. Kammie’s medical care was provided for by Northeast Ohio Shetland Sheepdog Rescue. The love was provided by us.


Peonies make life better.  

I gaze upon my peonies and am filled with wonder and happiness that anything could be so beautiful. And Peonies don’t put all their eggs in one basket so to speak, their scent is equally divine. 

I can’t help but believe if there were more peonies in the world, it would be a happier place. Spread peonies!