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A Happy Tale

Think Dog Rescues provide only one service, to re-home a dog and move on to the next? Think again.

Our Rescue adopted this dog out a couple years ago. Her owner contacted us several months back, thinking he would have to turn her back in. The owner was in poor health and scheduled to undergo a major organ transplant. See where this is going yet?

One of our members has been fostering this cutie in her home until the owner is well enough that this dog can return home. Just another instance of why I often say that Dog Rescue is about helping people as well as dogs. Not too mention, Rescue folks are some of the best people I know.

Oh, by the way, this little girl will be returning home within the next few weeks!

Kitties In a Box

Why is it that kitties like boxes?

I have had this particular box for two weeks. Since I unpacked the Amazon order that came in it. Every time I go to put it in the recycling, there is a cat in residence. It remains the most popular cat hang out in our house.

Morty loves it.

Orange Kitty loves it. He was the first to try it as soon as the packing came out.

Have you heard the saying “as happy as a pig in mud”? I think that should be “as happy as a cat in a box”. That’s apparently where all the cool cats hang out.

I’m contemplating wallpapering it and adding a bed.

Share the Puppies!

It’s been a red letter day! I spent most of it working as a team with Shelby and Nikki. And I was blessed today for many reasons.

First we conducted therapy dog testing at All Breed Training Club of Akron. They are kind enough to allow me to use the building and they have most of the equipment that I use so I don’t have to load up the car with much. There are now several more dogs eligible to visit nursing homes, hospitals, etc. ! If you’re wondering how Shelby and Nikki help me with this, they are my assistants to check the testees for reaction to a neutral dog. They work as the neutral dog.

Ways I was blessed during this event:

  • My friend Linda graciously showed up to unlock the building and help with testing.
  • The club allowed me use of the building.
  • My daughter showed up to help me check people in even though she wasn’t feeling 100%. She showed up because she is reliable and had committed to helping me.
  • Another friend, Meganne, and her daughter came to help with the reaction to children portion of the test. The daughter enjoyed it and wants to help again!
  • I was able to certify five more dogs for visiting!
  • I got to meet a Bernese Mountain Dog, a Scottie, an Irish Wolfhound, a Parson Russell mix, and two Border Collies.
  • The person who didn’t pass was understanding and pleasant about it.

Then after the test I got to have lunch with my friend Erin who drove an hour and a half to have her dogs tested as a team. I first met Erin about two years ago when I tested her first therapy dog. We connected on Facebook and over time have discovered that we have more and more in common. We had such a good time talking about dogs and connecting!

Then Shelby, Nikki, and I came home for a while where they got to spend some time outside with our other dogs and bark at their brother Baxter while he chased the frisbee.

Then on to more therapy work! I recently met someone at work who’s parents live about a half mile down the road from me. The father is not able to get around like he once was and could really use a visit from a sheltie, I was told. Shelby and Nikki to the rescue! We walked down the road for a visit and now have even more friends.

I was so proud of Nikki. She sat on this gentleman’s lap for 45 minutes and I do believe she made his day.

Blessings from this encounter:

  • I got to hang out with my girls some more.
  • I got to talk about my favorite thing-dogs.
  • I got to go for a walk.
  • I made new friends.
  • I had the opportunity to make someone’s life just a little bit happier.

Life is good. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings and what opportunities I have to spread happiness.


Peonies make life better.  

I gaze upon my peonies and am filled with wonder and happiness that anything could be so beautiful. And Peonies don’t put all their eggs in one basket so to speak, their scent is equally divine. 

I can’t help but believe if there were more peonies in the world, it would be a happier place. Spread peonies! 

Kammie Update 

Just wanted to give you an update on our forever foster girl, Kammie. She is doing well! 

She waits for me to give her meds twice each day. She is so polite about it, waiting for me to load the pill shooter. It is usually meal time right afterwards so that helps. 

Kammie continues to enjoy her days. You can read her intake story into Northeast Ohio Shetland Sheepdog Rescue in one of the November posts on this blog. She loves to spend time outside with the other dogs. She lines up to go out with all the others and barks her fool head off. It’s a great thing to witness. We are glad that she has the spunk to do it. (Kammie has tumors in her bladder but you would not guess.)

She joins the conga line of beggars in the kitchen when we chop vegetables. All of our dogs, with the exception of Baxter, love vegetables so we must always toss each of them a bite. Kammie is an excellent catcher! She lines up for the evening licking of the ice cream bowls, unless it is chocolate, in which all the dogs want to know why we are so cruel. In short, Kammie is enjoying life and we are enjoying her!