Kammie Update 

Just wanted to give you an update on our forever foster girl, Kammie. She is doing well! 

She waits for me to give her meds twice each day. She is so polite about it, waiting for me to load the pill shooter. It is usually meal time right afterwards so that helps. 

Kammie continues to enjoy her days. You can read her intake story into Northeast Ohio Shetland Sheepdog Rescue in one of the November posts on this blog. She loves to spend time outside with the other dogs. She lines up to go out with all the others and barks her fool head off. It’s a great thing to witness. We are glad that she has the spunk to do it. (Kammie has tumors in her bladder but you would not guess.)

She joins the conga line of beggars in the kitchen when we chop vegetables. All of our dogs, with the exception of Baxter, love vegetables so we must always toss each of them a bite. Kammie is an excellent catcher! She lines up for the evening licking of the ice cream bowls, unless it is chocolate, in which all the dogs want to know why we are so cruel. In short, Kammie is enjoying life and we are enjoying her!