Monthly Archives: April 2018

Time Well Spent

I just finished reading All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. I would highly recommend it. It is not the most fun book that I have ever read but that is to be expected since most of it takes place during World War II.

I would say that it made me think about things I hadn’t given much thought to before. And it may have changed the way that I think about people just a little bit.

If you aren’t looking for that sort of thing, it is still a good story with lots of character development. It would be an excellent book for a Book Group to undertake.

Now on to my next book!


Spring weather is exceedingly slow in arriving this year. Luckily my husband decided to grow this amaryllis so we do have some flowers.

We sit around in the evening admiring the beautiful flowers. We are not used to going so long without them.

They are a feast for the soul!

Cabin Fever

Dogs get cabin fever too. You would think that the later half of April in Ohio would bring spring weather. We are still waiting.

This was the view out my window this afternoon. Not very “springy”. It has been too cold and blustery, or some days too rainy, to go for walks.

The dogs were down in the dumps for a couple of days. Now they are just impatient and looking for something to get into.

So we resorted to playing “The Indoor Game”. This involves kicking a rubber toy down the long central hallway of the house. Much chasing, barking, jumping, and chasing ensues.

Zeke has been here long enough that he joins right in.

No fighting or growling takes place aside from playing. We are blessed with good natured dogs. But nevertheless, we are eagerly awaiting spring!

New Dog!

We added a new dog to the family today! Meet Paisley. She won’t actually be living at our house. Paisley is my mother-in-law’s new dog. So we will be seeing lots of her.

Our dogs attend most family gatherings so this is nearly as good as getting another dog myself! At the majority of our family shindigs there are as many dogs as humans. That’s why they are so much fun.

Paisley is 2 years old. Her ancestry is open for debate. We are currently going with corgi mix. Maybe some beagle? I would guess black lab but she only weighs 18 lbs. She is good with dogs, cats, and kids. She is friendly and affectionate without being overbearing. All in all, she is a wonderful little dog.

Oh, and I should also mention that she is from a local rescue group. So one less displaced dog is looking for a home tonight. 😊

Welcome, little one.

Morning Sky

Ohio is moody. This was my view when I arrived at work on Monday morning. The view was indeed spectacular with the beautiful sky and the cottony, white frosted trees.

Some years it has been 70 and sunny in April. Other years there have been several inches of snow.

Yesterday it rained all day long and was in the fifties. Today it has been high winds and enough snow to pile up on the fence.

We had daffodils last year at this time. Overall, could be better, could be worse. Either way I know that I will be whining by the end of June that it is too hot. This too shall pass.