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Weekend Bliss


What a great weekend! Practicing being a kid again. It’s easier when you watch life through a child’s eyes. We got to watch my niece this past weekend and what a fun time it was. We got to create with Play Dough. I forgot how much fun Play Dough is. I think I need to buy some for myself. I’ve been missing out on lots of fun!


We also took my niece to a park where she got to bird watch and meet Ranger Dan. Everything is more fun when you see the novelty of someone experiencing things for the first time.


It was also such a beautiful weekend that we got to take our dogs hiking two times. And seeing as we only have four dogs right now, they all got to go. (Nikki not pictured because I had her on leash and she was back with me.)


There was also time for napping. For the humans as well. It was what I call a successful weekend. ☺

A Winter’s Day


I have always liked winter. If the roads were just heated so travel was safe, it would definitely be my favorite season. We had our largest snowfall to date for the winter just last weekend. I took a brief jaunt around our property so I could share my appreciation of the snow and the winter season with you. Above is the front of our home blanketed in fresh snow. That majestic old pine is twice as tall as the house. In summer it provides cooling shade, and throughout the year it makes a nice windbreak.



This treeline is our view across the street from our house. Right now it looks like all the trees are covered in cotton bolls. And then there’s the dogwood tree in our front yard. I couldn’t resist including it because it has such beautiful form.


Walking down the driveway, our garden gate is to the left. It still begs me to come in, even through the deep snow. I guess deep is relative. We got about 8 inches over night. I know some people got more. I known I was glad to have the day off work so I didn’t have to drive in it.


This is the view down the garden walkway. It was especially silent inside the protective walls. A winter wonderland.


The view of the workshop and garage relaxes me. It all looks so “soft” with the snow snuggling around it. I do see that I never got around to taking down my hanging baskets. That’s OK, they remind me that spring will come again, and I will appreciate that too.



This is the fenced pasture where the dogs can play for a time when we are home. You can see all the wood we have stockpiled for summer bonfires. It is in the dog pasture because there is no where that we would rather be for a bonfire than with our dogs!


Our trumpet vine has beautiful “bones” when the leaves are gone. It is growing up a light post which makes it look like a tree.


I go back inside and this is the view out my kitchen window. This fenced area is attached to the house for ease in putting the dogs in and out. It is also commonly referred to at our house as the poop yard. I believe this is self explanatory. It is especially appreciated when we have foster dogs and don’t know if they are trustworthy outside. On foster dogs’  first day or two with us, I still stand outside with them or may even walk them on leash inside the fence as it is only 3 1/2 feet high. Our first foster dog at this house was a collie named Saffron. She jumped the fence which resulted in me also vaulting over the fence, in my bathrobe and fuzzy leopard print slippers. I didn’t want to lose sight of her so took off in hot pursuit. Saffron was just looking for a good time and didn’t really want to run away so all ended well.

I notice this writing ends with a dog story, as all things in my life do. So let me say once again, life is good!

Valentine Blessings


Valentine’s Day is a family event for us. And what a blessing our family is. My husband cooks a dinner for all the women in his family. The men of the family are allowed to tag along too.

This year was a five course dinner. Two soups, a salad, entrée, and chocolate layer cake. All from scratch. I was allowed to make the bread sticks this year. That was nice because I got to hang out in the kitchen and we talked while while I kneaded the dough and rolled out the bread sticks.


This year we had my husband and myself, his mother, our daughter and her boyfriend, and my brother, his wife, and their little girl. We had such fun! My niece saw the cake being frosted in the kitchen and her eyes got big. She kept wanting to know when it was time for the cake and announced “I like cake”. A girl after my own heart.


And nothing at our house is complete without the animals. Here Morty inspects the flowers which were courtesy of my mother-in-law. In addition to our four dogs we also had Coco the Corgi.


I hope that each of you had a Valentine’s Day that contained as many blessings as ours did! Happy Valentine’s Day, my friends.

Morning Workout

I made it to the gym this morning, and after my brief conversation with the man with the seeing eye dog who checks us in, and was on the elliptical trainer by 5:15 am. I ran (ellipticalled?) 4.12 miles in 30 minutes. I realize this is not very fast. However I am pleased with it. When I started 10 minutes was painful and had me puffing. I can actually go for longer than the 30 minutes now but that is all the time I have before work.


I tried to take a picture of the display on the elliptical trainer with my time and distance at the end of my workout. Turns out that I am not coordinated enough to keep moving and take a photo at the same time. And the display goes blank if you aren’t moving. So no picture for you! I did get a photo of the clock at the end of my workout to prove that I was actually there that early.

I used to read or listen to books on tape while I worked out. I discovered that if I listen to a workout mix on my phone, I can move faster and it seems to hurt less, so that is what I have been doing lately. Only on the elliptical or exercise bike, as I have discovered that I am also apparently not coordinated enough to listen to music while I am using the Nautilus equipment. I end up getting the cords from the earbuds wrapped around the handles of the equipment and they come flying out of my ears at a high rate of speed.

You might wonder what the mature (read OLD!) exerciser listens to at the gym for their workout mix. Or you might not, but here is mine anyway. These are downloaded on my Freegal App.

  1. All Summer Long-Kid Rock
  2. Fight Song-Rachel Platten
  3. House of the Rising Sun-Waylon Jennings
  4. If I Could Fly-One Direction
  5. It’s A Great Day To Be Alive-Travis Tritt
  6. Love Hurts-Gram Parsons & Emmylou Harris
  7. Respect-Aretha Franklin
  8. Save Me, San Francisco-Train (I always run faster when this comes on!)
  9. Stand By You-Rachel Platten
  10. You Shook Me All Night Long-AC/DC

So this is what gets me through my workout. And this is what I look like by the end of my workout, pre-shower.


This is what I look like by the time I get to work. Still with wet hair but slightly better and ready for coffee.


Thanks for sharing my morning.

Life Puzzles


It seems that the little animals take the big bed and the biggest animal has to lay on the small bed. Morty is a little kitty on a big bed.


Nikki is our smallest dog at about 20 lbs. She often sleeps on our biggest bed.


This is Phoebe, our biggest dog, laying on the small bed. Sometimes she tries to get the others to move so she can get on the big bed. Most times she gives up and lays somewhere else.

Phoebe and Nikki

If Phoebe is lucky the other animal will leave enough room so that they can share.

For some reason this makes me think of Dr. Seuss and his One fish, two fish…

Big dog, little bed,

Little dog, big bed.

Long hair, tiny dog,

Smooth hair, large dog.

Just a random glimpse into the inner workings of my mind.

More Pictures My peaceable kingdom


Morty, the black and white cat, ran from Stitch, the orange tabby, for the longest time and hissed at him too. I think they’re over it. We often find them curled up in a chair together while Morty grooms his new friend. Now if they would just become mouse hunting buddies, we would be all set.


Nikki and Phoebe hanging out together on the good couch at grandma’s house. Phoebe puts her head on Nikki and uses her as a pillow. Neither of them minded. This is obviously not at our house because no way would we have white furniture!


And here is Baxter sleeping with his head on a pillow. Because what’s more peaceful than that?