Life Puzzles


It seems that the little animals take the big bed and the biggest animal has to lay on the small bed. Morty is a little kitty on a big bed.


Nikki is our smallest dog at about 20 lbs. She often sleeps on our biggest bed.


This is Phoebe, our biggest dog, laying on the small bed. Sometimes she tries to get the others to move so she can get on the big bed. Most times she gives up and lays somewhere else.

Phoebe and Nikki

If Phoebe is lucky the other animal will leave enough room so that they can share.

For some reason this makes me think of Dr. Seuss and his One fish, two fish…

Big dog, little bed,

Little dog, big bed.

Long hair, tiny dog,

Smooth hair, large dog.

Just a random glimpse into the inner workings of my mind.