A Fine Fall Weekend

Saturday was a good day. The weather was pleasant, finally a break from the rain and gloom. It’s hard to complain too much when portions of the rest of the country have suffered from ongoing flooding. As fall progresses, our garden is still a very enjoyable place.

We have a beautiful aster and still lots of datura in bloom, as well as many other flowers.

And pups to enjoy them with us. How lucky can one girl get?

And we got a portable fire pit so as the fall weather continues to cool, we can still enjoy spending time outside. I think the pups approve.

We resumed going on walks starting today. The temperatures are just right to make them really enjoyable. We drove to a nearby town and walked and looked at architectural details on houses. And you’ll never believe who was the most well behaved dog was on our outing. Zekie! I never thought I would be saying that!