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The Journey is Begun

Zekie has become relaxed enough since permanently becoming one of our dogs that he can have a bed in his upstairs crate for bedtime! He could never have any blankets or bedding before because he shredded all such luxuries in short order.

I consider this to be a step towards his relaxing and becoming a normal dog. The road may be long but the journey is begun. I am certainly learning a lot with this dog. I just keep reminding myself that with the most work come the deepest relationships.

I will keep you updated on our journey.

Rewards & Naps

Both of the girls, Shelby and Nikki, enjoyed their jobs visiting at the nursing home this week.

That’s why they have the big smiles.

Shelby knows when it’s important to be good. She will hold a sit-stay while I walk around putting all the chairs away at the end of our visit.

Nikki doesn’t like to touch the floor so this is no problem for her either. It’s not that Nikki is following a command, it’s that it’s not safe on the floor when you are tiny.

You might think the dogs are just getting petted, no big deal. It’s tiring work though. There’s the behaving, the going to whoever I direct them to, all the odd smells, and different people constantly coming and going through the main gathering room that we meet in.

However the rewards are great and the nap is well earned.

Cycles of Life

Life changes no matter what. There are ups and there are downs always. Hang in there the bad times are temporary. Cherish the good times because they are not guaranteed. 

I have survived some hard times in recent months. The death of three very close friends and the death of our beloved greyhound along with other life turmoils.

Now come the good times. Things are definitely looking good. A recent promotion at work, a new greyhound arriving next week, and a long holiday weekend with lots of time to spend with family. 

This is the reward. Life is good!