Patience Pays Off

We almost dug up this rose at the beginning of the season with the intent of trashing it in the compost pile. It died nearly down to the ground and had not produced a bloom in two years. We thought the extreme cold for our area over the past two winters had killed the grafted portion. This would have left the rootstock which is likely a wild rose with many thorns and very small, wild flowers. Something more weedy than flowery.

The plant showed new growth so we decided to give it one more chance. We patiently watched while a bud developed. It was nearly ready to unfurl that bud so we could determine the color and see which type of rose it was, when…something, most likely a chipmunk or possibly a skunk, ate the bud! We went out to check the flower the next morning and it was gone.

Luckily, there were more buds on the way. And when they opened up, we discovered that it was indeed the climbing rose that we hoped for. We may have to mulch and cover our roses to help them survive and be healthy if those colder than usual spells continue. But we are glad to see our old friend blooming once again on the trellis.