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Life Is Short, Have Fun!

This is what I saw when I looked into the office area opposite from mine at work. Lest we forget, happier people are more productive.

And the beverage glass is actually a tape dispenser so this is appropriate for the work place. Besides, it’s not an every day occurrence. I came in the next day and the rabbit was sitting up and looking very productive, wearing a pair of eyeglasses. ūüėĀ

Fun With Dogs!

When you live in Ohio and it’s snowed every day this week and then you finally get a sunny day, what do you do? Walk dogs!

Here, Baxter and Shelby watch while dad makes a snowball for them to chase.

Zekie waits patiently while I take a couple of pictures.

Shelby saying, come on, let’s go.

Yes, the walk was cold. It was also lots of fun. Anytime we can watch the dogs run around and see them with smiles this big, it is a good day!

Happiness in a Bag

I have never understood people who don’t like library books. Or books in general for that matter. This is my current bag of library books. 

It’s mystery, adventure, fantasy, and fun just waiting for me, all for free! I can pick up on some clues and solve a mystery. I can experience being part of a cooking club, running a family owned winery, travel writing on a train in Patagonia, and experience magical beasts and wizardry. 

Now I know I can’t live my whole life in books. And I wouldn’t want to. But reading does give me a chance to experience things I might never have the opportunity, money,  or time to do. It is also a chance to take my mind somewhere else on a winter’s evening. 

And I don’t know exactly where to find a magical beast. Maybe after I read the book…

Indoor Games


When it has been too cold or rainy for the dogs to go outside and play, we have what we call “The Indoor Games”. This involves a particular toy that is shaped rather like a fire hydrant but is made of a rubbery substance. The dogs love this game. Infact they love it so much that they bark loudly while waiting for the human player to position the toy and kick it through the doorway and to the other end of the house.¬† Baxter gets so excited waiting for the toy to be kicked that he barks and sometimes in his excitement to nudge you along will¬†poke you on the arm or backside to make you hurry. He always does this with a big smile.

Shelby, Baxter, and Cassius, the three looking at the toy, all give chase and try to grab the toy as it flies by. If no one catches it, they all give chase to see who can be the first to catch it. There is never any animosity or growling, its big smiles all around. You can see Kammie the forever foster dog watching in the foreground. There is too much craziness for her to feel comfortable being part of the chase, but she does enjoy standing on the sidelines and being part of the game by barking at everyone else.

For the humans the noise is so loud that the game generally requires earplugs or headphones. Well worth it though to see such big smiles on everyone in the house, dogs and humans included. (The cats just think we are all insane as they look on, wondering what we could possibly be doing.)

Look At This ¬†Reading Role Model!

Shelby and I participated in the Reading Role Model program through United Way this morning . We went to a local elementary school and read books to kindergarteners. The theory is that if kids don’t read by third grade, they are less likely to graduate from high school . 

I knew that Shelby would do ok but I wasn’t sure how well she would take to it. She did GREAT ! ! !  And she was quite a hit with the kids, as well as the adults . We read a book about Therapy Dogs and another one about various kinds of pets . The kids were very well behaved and had lots of questions .  Shelby rolled over to entice the kids to give her belly rubs while I was reading . The closer kids were happy to oblige.

After we were done reading to our class , we were asked to visit the other three kindergarten classrooms so they could see Shelby too. I told the last class about the Read To A Dog program that many libraries have and the teacher decided they should read the poem they had been working on as a group to Shelby .  I had her sit at the front of the classroom while the kids read to her. By the end, she was sitting there looking at all the kids and giving them a huge smile! It was definitely a proud momma moment for me.

We had a great time and I can’t wait until we can go back and read again next month!

New Family Member! 

New dog is here! It has been 4 1/2 years since we’ve had a new dog. That’s a long time for us. 

His call name at the track was Tomm. That is my ex husband’s name so we’ve been working on a different one.  So far the one that seems to stick is Cassius, with a nickname of Cash. A Roman name for a boy with a Roman nose. We are starting by calling him Tomm Cash so we can get his attention. Soon we will drop the Tomm.

Cash is a retired racer that we adopted from Greyhound Adoption of Ohio. They have a website if you are interested in one of their wonderful dogs. There are also other groups across the country dedicated to saving these dogs. Cash was apparently fast. He ran many races and was at the track for quite a while as he will be 4 years old early next month.

We brought him home yesterday.  He is doing great with our other dogs and fine with our 4 cats as well. He is our fourth greyhound but the only one currently. Our other dogs are a doberman/black lab mix and the 3 shelties, one of which is a foster dog.  We are also watching another sheltie this week, while her family is away. 

Cash is totally clueless about life in a home, having lived at the track his whole life. I have never had a dog that seems so totally puzzled with the boundaries of life with a family. I’m sure this will make great fodder for future posts. Right now he is learning about what is not acceptable in regards to procuring food. His current attitude seems to be, “Oh, you have food? I also like food. I think I will have some.” It does not occur to him that food on your plate, or kitchen counter, might not be meant for him. And when you tell him no, he seems to be thoroughly confused by this concept. Stairs also confound him, which I understand is common for racing greyhounds. We only have 4 steps to go in and out so this is manageable. 

But I must say, we are loving having this big dog as a part of our family.  More tales to come! 

Dogs and Peonies!

Shelby and Peonies   Baxter and Peonies

Dogs and peonies. It doesn’t get any better than that. Shelby and Baxter thought it was a great honor to get to go outside with mom, one on one while the other dogs stayed in the house. It’s not often they get mom’s attention all to themselves without another dog around. And they really appreciate it.

Nikki and Peonies   Phoebe and Peonies

The other dogs, not so much. Nikki and Phoebe were puzzled as to why I would ask them to sit and stay while walking away¬†and then pointing that camera thingy at them. We could have been sitting together and snuggling. You can see what Phoebe thinks of my idea to sit. I don’t think so she said, laying down.

Kammie and Peonies

And the photo shoot would not be complete without our foster dog Kammie. She also seemed puzzled by this new concept of sitting in front of flowers. But she aims to please so she did her best to cooperate. Kammie is a nice girl.

Dogs and peonies are two of my favorite things so I thought what could be better than combining them!



Happy Memorial Day from the Dogs!


Dogs are always a part of our holiday gatherings. We have fun times and lots of laughs because of it. As you can see, Phoebe wears a cap well.


But mostly we have dogs at our family gatherings because, well, they are part of our family. All of these photos are taken at my brother’s home. And not one of them is his dog. Here Baxter solicits a belly rub.


His dog Dakota passed on a few months ago and we miss him still.


Even wet dogs are welcome with us. Coco provided lots of extra fun and amusement.

Happy Memorial Day!

Sanctuary Acres Weekend


This was a fabulous holiday weekend! Not only was I off from work for four days, the weather was beautiful and I got to spend it with family and dogs. How much better could it get? Oh yeah, I got to read books and drink coffee in the mornings too!


I got to spend time with this cutie on the 4th. She’s my niece and she is already a dog girl at 2 1/2. She likes to feed her own dog at home. She also loves my little sheltie Nikki. Nikki is just her size. Here she is walking/training Nikki.


Whenever she sees me somewhere without a dog she always says “Where Nikki, where Phoebe? ” One time (many months ago) we met at a restaurant and she was looking for Phoebe as soon as she saw me. I guess I’m the crazy dog¬† Aunt. Luckily I’m happy about that.


She’s not afraid to go in the fenced pasture¬† and hang out with all of the dogs either. She was even throwing the Frisbee for Baxter. It wasn’t a very long throw but he was most appreciative. Baxter is patient and seems to understand effort.

This dog thing may run in the family. My dad was very into his dogs. I think it’s safe to say I got it too. And thus it goes.