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Magical Gems

Library Books
Books from the Library

There is a winter storm headed our way. It should hit sometime tomorrow and last through Christmas. I am all set. I placed holds on several books at the library and picked them up at the drive thru window. Fulfilling my need for library books while staying safe.

Books, and libraries, are magical things. They offer us the opportunity to experience other places and times from where we are.

Even if you aren’t able to enjoy the feel and smell of real books, there are always electronic options available. They aren’t quite the same experience but can still offer you an adventure!

Happiness in a Bag

I have never understood people who don’t like library books. Or books in general for that matter. This is my current bag of library books. 

It’s mystery, adventure, fantasy, and fun just waiting for me, all for free! I can pick up on some clues and solve a mystery. I can experience being part of a cooking club, running a family owned winery, travel writing on a train in Patagonia, and experience magical beasts and wizardry. 

Now I know I can’t live my whole life in books. And I wouldn’t want to. But reading does give me a chance to experience things I might never have the opportunity, money,  or time to do. It is also a chance to take my mind somewhere else on a winter’s evening. 

And I don’t know exactly where to find a magical beast. Maybe after I read the book…