Indoor Games


When it has been too cold or rainy for the dogs to go outside and play, we have what we call “The Indoor Games”. This involves a particular toy that is shaped rather like a fire hydrant but is made of a rubbery substance. The dogs love this game. Infact they love it so much that they bark loudly while waiting for the human player to position the toy and kick it through the doorway and to the other end of the house.  Baxter gets so excited waiting for the toy to be kicked that he barks and sometimes in his excitement to nudge you along will poke you on the arm or backside to make you hurry. He always does this with a big smile.

Shelby, Baxter, and Cassius, the three looking at the toy, all give chase and try to grab the toy as it flies by. If no one catches it, they all give chase to see who can be the first to catch it. There is never any animosity or growling, its big smiles all around. You can see Kammie the forever foster dog watching in the foreground. There is too much craziness for her to feel comfortable being part of the chase, but she does enjoy standing on the sidelines and being part of the game by barking at everyone else.

For the humans the noise is so loud that the game generally requires earplugs or headphones. Well worth it though to see such big smiles on everyone in the house, dogs and humans included. (The cats just think we are all insane as they look on, wondering what we could possibly be doing.)