Look At This  Reading Role Model!

Shelby and I participated in the Reading Role Model program through United Way this morning . We went to a local elementary school and read books to kindergarteners. The theory is that if kids don’t read by third grade, they are less likely to graduate from high school . 

I knew that Shelby would do ok but I wasn’t sure how well she would take to it. She did GREAT ! ! !  And she was quite a hit with the kids, as well as the adults . We read a book about Therapy Dogs and another one about various kinds of pets . The kids were very well behaved and had lots of questions .  Shelby rolled over to entice the kids to give her belly rubs while I was reading . The closer kids were happy to oblige.

After we were done reading to our class , we were asked to visit the other three kindergarten classrooms so they could see Shelby too. I told the last class about the Read To A Dog program that many libraries have and the teacher decided they should read the poem they had been working on as a group to Shelby .  I had her sit at the front of the classroom while the kids read to her. By the end, she was sitting there looking at all the kids and giving them a huge smile! It was definitely a proud momma moment for me.

We had a great time and I can’t wait until we can go back and read again next month!