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Scents of Spring

Walking around the yard yesterday evening just before it was time to come inside for the day, I encountered several flowers that smelled divine. The lily-of-the-valley is lovely. It reminds me of a perfume stick I had as a young girl, Muguet.

I also came across honeysuckle. Our bush has never had as many flowers as it does this year.

And this is our first iris to bloom for the year. It has that faint scent of grapes. The first of our three types of lilacs is in bloom as well. I just had to bring some of inside to enjoy.

Scents of Spring

There are some flowers that I plant primarily because of their scent. The vase contains viburnum and lilacs. My first encounter with a viburnum was some years back. I was walking into the library when I noticed this most wonderful smell. I walked up and down the sidewalk until I determined from which plant it was emanating. Then I started poking around until I found a tag which identified the plant. Not too long after that, I was the proud owner of one of these plants.

I don’t find it to be the prettiest of bushes but the scent makes it well worth having. Mine is planted underneath a window so that we are often blessed with its scent. I also cut at least one stalk to have in a vase at all times during the bloom season.

The simple lilac is another gem. It is pleasant to look at but I consider the scent to be its greatest offering. I think many would agree with me as its flowers have been made into perfumes for many a year. Walking around the yard is a treat for the senses during the month of May.

And the humble honeysuckle will be offering up an olfactory delight shortly as well. The month of May offers an awakening of the senses after a long, frigid winter.


I am recovering from a stressful day and decided that should be done with flowers.  It helps!  See new clematis above.

One of our four mandevillas. They are already growing so well that I had to make new trellises for them. Can you tell we went to greenhouses on Saturday? We also bought a gardenia, a new climbing rose, and a hibiscus, plus some annuals. Photos of those will be forthcoming when they flower. We still have to get our usual flats of flowers too.

And then we have our usual suspects that flower year after year. This clematis amazes us with its profusion of blooms. 

The rhododendrons are also in fine form.

The Wygelia is spectacular. 

The columbine pleases with its delicate blossoms. 

And the scent of the Miss Kim lilacs! I sit on the porch for hours just to smell them. Then I take some in the house. And to work. I want to enjoy their scent as much as I can before they fade until next year. Of course we have old fashioned lilacs, and the Miss Kims, and Royal lilacs. They bloom in succession so we are with lilacs for some time. Bliss!

And I am destressed! The wonders of the outdoors can work magic.