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Good News-A Somewhat Calmer Zekie Bear

Zekie Bear

It’s been a while since I posted an update about Zekie. That’s a good thing because it means he hasn’t been in too much trouble. He continues to be a sweet dog, whose life would be perfect if he could be with me every second of every day. The problems begin when my husband and I both go away from home.

If I go away, such as to the grocery store or to visit someone, Zekie lays on the back of the couch looking out the window at the empty spot where I park my car. The report I receive back from my husband is that Zekie spends hours there waiting for my return. Or if he takes Zekie to the workshop with him, Zekie will lay on the porch watching the road to see if my car will come pulling in the driveway. My husband says Zekie often looks like he wants to stop people in passing cars to say, “Have you seen my mommy? She left me and I fear I’m an orphan!”

Zekie gets upset when my husband goes away too, but not to the same degree. When hubby puts his shoes and coat on, Zekie grabs a bone or other toy and shakes it at my husband, trying to get him to stay home and play instead. He will lay in the back hall and look out the window for a while after my husband leaves, then he returns to my side and lays down. He will check out the windows frequently waiting for hubby’s return.

Zekie really has been doing better relative to how he was before. Mostly this is for two reasons. One, we rarely go away at the same time or even at all. Covid and retirement have kept us at home. The other reason is Prozac. At first, I wasn’t sure if it helped at all. I think it just took a long time to see any change because Zekie’s behavior was long standing. He has been on the meds for 9 months now.

I have tried many things to calm him on the occasions when both of us go away and he must stay in his crate because of separation anxiety. None had previously met with success. Not the Xanax, not the stuffed Kongs, or the frozen treats, not even the CBD oil. Well, last week I tried giving him a large basted bone made specifically for dogs. It worked! Zekie did still do some nervous drooling but he didn’t chew his crate! I gave him the same bone the next two times we went away and he didn’t chew the crate those times either. This is a minor miracle.

I find it hard to believe it is just the bone as we have given him many other types of chews. I think it must be the combination of the Prozac and the bone. He was finally calm enough to realize that chewing the bone is a better option than chewing an aluminum crate and wearing your teeth down.

Whatever the cause, I am immensely grateful and relieved to have found something to help Zekie feel calmer.

Zekie with ears down asking, “Mom, why are you taking my picture?”


I am recovering from a stressful day and decided that should be done with flowers.  It helps!  See new clematis above.

One of our four mandevillas. They are already growing so well that I had to make new trellises for them. Can you tell we went to greenhouses on Saturday? We also bought a gardenia, a new climbing rose, and a hibiscus, plus some annuals. Photos of those will be forthcoming when they flower. We still have to get our usual flats of flowers too.

And then we have our usual suspects that flower year after year. This clematis amazes us with its profusion of blooms. 

The rhododendrons are also in fine form.

The Wygelia is spectacular. 

The columbine pleases with its delicate blossoms. 

And the scent of the Miss Kim lilacs! I sit on the porch for hours just to smell them. Then I take some in the house. And to work. I want to enjoy their scent as much as I can before they fade until next year. Of course we have old fashioned lilacs, and the Miss Kims, and Royal lilacs. They bloom in succession so we are with lilacs for some time. Bliss!

And I am destressed! The wonders of the outdoors can work magic.