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Books Read November 2020

Zekie Dog and me
Hanging out with Zekie, which I often do while reading.

1. Game of Dog Bones-Laurien Berenson

Melanie Travis solves a murder with her canine friends. This time at the Westminster Dog Show while Aunt Peg judges at Madison Square Garden. This was a fun one.

2. Snowball’s Christmas-Kristen McKanagah

Tiny kitten Snowball plays her part in trying to bring Lukas and Emily together for a future at Weber Haus, a Victorian family bed and breakfast.

3. The Twelve Dogs of Christmas-Lizzie Shane

Ally Gilmore moves home to Pine Hollow to help her grandparents run the dog shelter. As she struggles to find homes for the dogs, things go awry.

4. The Finders-Jeffrey B. Burton

Mason Reid has 4 cadaver dogs that specialize in finding human remains. The youngest, Vira, turns out to have extra special abilities.

5. A Dog’s Perfect Christmas-W. Bruce Cameron

The Goss Family works their way through an emergency and trying times, accompanied by their puppy and senior wolfhound. A happy ending.

6. 500 Miles From You-Jenny Colgan

Lissa is a nurse in London and Cormac is a nurse in the Scottish countryside. Lissa needs quiet to recover from witnessing a crime and Cormac wants a training opportunity. They switch places and come to rely on each other for advice.

7. Pumpkin Spice Peril-Jenn McKinlay

From the cupcake shop murder mystery series. Melanie helps solve a crime to discover who killed her artist friend.

8. The Secret Ingredient-KD Fisher

I got a bit of a surprise with this book. It is a book about two chefs and their restaurants and lives. The surprise came when it was apparent that the main characters are homosexual. Not necessarily a bad thing but I did not pick that up from reading the back cover. I read the book because it was a good story and I wanted some insight into friends and others who live this lifestyle.

My favorite of these was The Finders. It was an excellent book. Beyond that, you really can’t go wrong with any of these books. I enjoyed them all. The Twelve Dogs of Christmas is an enjoyable holiday read.


Cassius lounging

This is what retirement looks like.

Cassius is a retired racing greyhound. He must have been a good racer. He didn’t come off the track until he was four years old. He won 18 racers, and placed and showed in others.

Given his prey drive, I imagine he enjoyed racing. Even so, he is the picture of peace and calmness with our cats and other dogs.

Cassius still enjoys a quick sprint around our fenced pasture and likes to play with his jolly ball. But his favorite thing is sleeping on the couch while maintaining body contact with his mama. That’s me.

We could all take a lesson on how to chill from retired racing greyhounds.


Not getting much done even though you have more time available with the self isolation and shelter in place that is going on across our country and much of the world?

It’s ok, just chill!

I have read that this is a natural reaction to the stress and trauma that is creeping across the world along with the coronavirus. It’s a common reaction.

I didn’t think it was affecting me much until I dropped a jar of yeast, breaking a tile in our marble kitchen floor, forgot something major, and locked us out of the house with my keys still inside. All within a few hours.

This is highly unusual behavior for me. I tend to be very precise in thought and behavior. Probably due to all those years of thinking like a scientist. Or maybe I’m just anal.

We all need to take it easy on ourselves right now. Life is hard and stressful enough. Cut yourself some slack.

A Day at the Beach

Lake Erie

I love a day at the beach! We went at the end of July and enjoyed it so much that we went back again two weeks later. We are fortunate indeed to live so close to Lake Erie. We can be there in about an hour. And my daughter drives in her little, red Prius so it doesn’t take a lot of gas to get there.

Relaxing Relaxing

It is such a relaxing day. We take a cooler with drinks and a picnic lunch so that we don’t have to leave the beach all day. And of course we all take books! The day is not complete unless I can read while listening to the waves and feeling the breeze.


There is always time for a little beach art too. The first picture I like to call Little Stonehenge. It was already in place when we got to the beach. Some unknown builder erected it and left, rather like the original Stonehenge. The second shot shows a little Zen patio that I made. It was quite rewarding work.

Maddie and Tyler

On our first trip to the beach we took my grandkids. They love it there too as you can see. We take them every summer and they always look forward to it.


The second time we went, just last week, was adult day. No kids. We lounged around and enjoyed the day at a  slower pace. And of course on the way home we stopped at the little stand that makes their own soft serve ice cream and got the flavor of the week. Last week it was peanut butter. Delicious!

I find these days to be quite rejuvenating. A little sun and sand can perform miracles and restore the soul.

Saturday Mornings


Saturday Mornings are a treat that doesn’t come often enough to suit me.  I don’t usually get to see animals in their sun worshipping poses. On weekdays I am gone before the sun is up enough to cast much of  a shadow. By the time I come home from work the sun is usually too far behind the trees to make a  sunbeam suitable for lazing in the house . I think we can learn something from the animals about meditation and relaxation.