A Day at the Beach

Lake Erie

I love a day at the beach! We went at the end of July and enjoyed it so much that we went back again two weeks later. We are fortunate indeed to live so close to Lake Erie. We can be there in about an hour. And my daughter drives in her little, red Prius so it doesn’t take a lot of gas to get there.

Relaxing Relaxing

It is such a relaxing day. We take a cooler with drinks and a picnic lunch so that we don’t have to leave the beach all day. And of course we all take books! The day is not complete unless I can read while listening to the waves and feeling the breeze.


There is always time for a little beach art too. The first picture I like to call Little Stonehenge. It was already in place when we got to the beach. Some unknown builder erected it and left, rather like the original Stonehenge. The second shot shows a little Zen patio that I made. It was quite rewarding work.

Maddie and Tyler

On our first trip to the beach we took my grandkids. They love it there too as you can see. We take them every summer and they always look forward to it.


The second time we went, just last week, was adult day. No kids. We lounged around and enjoyed the day at a  slower pace. And of course on the way home we stopped at the little stand that makes their own soft serve ice cream and got the flavor of the week. Last week it was peanut butter. Delicious!

I find these days to be quite rejuvenating. A little sun and sand can perform miracles and restore the soul.