Our Dogs at Sanctuary Acres

Phoebe in Archway

Do you know how in some families they have one particular spot that they like to use in portraits? In some families it’s in front of the fire place or maybe near a particular tree. For me, with the dogs, it is in front of our garden archway. So this evening I set out to get a portrait of each of our dogs with the urns that I had newly planted for summer. Above is our greyhound Phoebe who is 9. She is our prima dona although you can’t see her bling very well.

Baxter in Archway

This is Baxter who is 6. He is humoring me by posing with the flowers. He thinks he is too masculine for this but is confident enough to pull it off. He is a black lab/doberman mix and currently the lone male in our pack.

Nikki in Archway

This is Nikki who is 9 and a very tiny sheltie. If you see that deer in the headlights look, it is because not only did I make her get off the couch but I made her go outside as well.  Oh, the horror! Her nickname is Nikki Pouncer Pants.

Roxanne in Archway

This is Roxanne. She is an oversized sheltie who is 15. If you’ve been following the blog, you might remember that just two weeks ago I thought Roxanne was ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge. She had stopped eating and was very weak. Well look at her now!  She’s tough as nails.

Shelby in Archway

This is Shelby and she is 5. She is my certified therapy dog and always looking for a job to do. If you don’t have one for her, she’ll find her own.

It would be nice to have the photo with all of the dogs in the same picture. Maybe taller ones in back and the rest in front. That will have to wait for another day.  Maybe when my husband is home!