Spring Garden Walk ll


The first plant on this evening’s walk  is right outside the door on the porch. This new azalea is one of my Mother’s Day presents. I still have to decide where to plant it. It is on the porch for the night because we are under a frost warning.


This petunia was also a Mother’s Day present and is also on the porch hiding from what I  hope will be the last  hurrah of winter.


As we step off the porch we are greeted with the most delightful smell. The lily-of-the-valley are just beginning to open up but already the perfume in the air is divine.



We have two types of ferns. One is a Boston fern and the other I do not know the name of but it has flat leaves. They are in various places around the property.


This is a petite little plant that I think is called candy tuft.


Many of the notable plants right now are actually trees and shrubs. These blooms are on our mountain ash trees that we have been cultivating for several years. They came from young sprouts from grandma’s trees and this is the first year they have bloomed.


These cute little flowers belong to my blueberry bushes. Although the bushes are still tiny, only in their second year, it looks like there will be enough berries to make something with.



These are the lilacs outside my kitchen window. They also smell divine. I never realized that I have such a passion for plants that stimulate my olfactory senses but apparently I do.


I also appreciate the scent of this wild honeysuckle that grows on the edge of our pine grove.


And this is our majestic Japanese red maple. If I am home when the power company comes to trim branches, I  beg them to spare it.

Stay tuned for our next stroll around the yard later this spring when the landscape changes once again!