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A Garden of Thoughts

I’ve been learning about the process of writing as I try to write a book. So far I’ve started at least four different ones. So I decided something needed to change since I obviously haven’t been able to maintain my focus. I’m doing two things differently and they seem to be helping.

Reading is always a help to me. So I am reading a book about how to write. It is a textbook sort of book. I read one chapter every day or so and then ponder the exercise at the chapter’s end. The book I chose is one I purchased some years ago called The Right to Write by Julia Cameron. Lots of good info. I would recommend it.

Secondly, I am writing longhand instead of typing on my laptop. Apparently the process requires different skills and can help with creativity. I discovered a number of famous authors do their first drafts with pen or pencil. This has helped me immensely. I don’t spend time trying to fix the things my computer points out as I go, instead of writing. The words seem to flow from my brain to the paper uninterrupted. As I finish a sentence, the next one forms in my brain on its own. I don’t know what is coming next until it pops in my mind. Pretty cool!

Who would have thought?

Life Journies

After I retired from my job of 32+ years as an Environment Scientist, I always knew that I would move on to something else. I just wasn’t sure what it would be. I decided that my best move would be to try everything! You only live once, right?

My first attempt at something new was to set up an Etsy site to sell Arts & Crafts. My Etsy site is still open and you can view my offering at the link below. https://sanctuaryacres.wordpress.com/2019/12/16/sanctuaryacresshop-on-etsy-is-open/ I will be posting new items soon with a Spring/Easter theme. Keep an eye open.

Then I took a test to be an on-line proofreader. I need to do a little brushing up on my grammar before I can pursue that option. I will continue to pursue it.

Another career option is, I have always wanted to write a book. So I started doing it! This will take a while and any pay off would be quite a way down the road. I am writing two books so I can switch back and forth between them depending on which one I am in the mood to work on. Both are non-fiction and I am drawing on my life experiences to write them.

Recently, I checked into the possibility of taking a position with a group that has you take a working border collie and chase geese off of airport runways, golf courses, etc. for their clients. The current opening is too far away for me, but I did fill out an application in case they have a position open up nearer to my home.

One of the other options I had considered was teaching. So, tomorrow will be my first assignment as a substitute teacher! I am very excited. This photo was a few years ago when Shelby & I were volunteering to read books to kindergarteners for an hour each month. I enjoyed it and am looking forward to this new job tomorrow. Unfortunately, Shelby will be at home.

My first class will be middle schoolers. I like to work with this age group as they develop their personalities and discover who they are. There is a chance to affect their lives and motivate them. I plan to try a class with each grade at some point to discover just which age group I prefer to work with. I’m sure they all have their positives.

I do not know what I will end up focusing on in the long run, but I am enjoying the journey. I still have other options to try. Life has so many possibilities and opportunities that I can’t decide where to point my energy. I know I will figure it out. The process is the point of this journey.