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Nap Time

Foster sheltie Claire hanging out with the big guy, our resident greyhound. The angle of the photo is deceptive. Claire weighs 27 lbs. to Cassius’ 72.

Cassius is a gentle giant. He is by far the most mellow greyhound we have had. Even when Claire takes toys from right beside his mouth, he just gives a loud woof. He is so good natured. She on the other hand has no sense of personal boundaries.

The one who is teaching her to back off and respect his space is our 8 lb. cat Morty. If he hisses or growls, she backs up. Though he is tiny, his attitude is fierce.

Spirits of Peace

I love this photo. It is of Lacey and Merlin sharing couch time. Both are gone now, but their spirit of peace lives on. Both were strays of a sort.

Lacey came from my family/friends. She was born to an Amish cat that gave birth in their barn. I asked if I could have her because she reminded me of my beloved Grey Cat who had recently passed. Lacey turned out to be nothing like Grey Cat, but she was a great Cat in her own right.

Merlin came running down our dirt road one day and stopped near our driveway. I had recently gone to a large greyhound event and wanted a greyhound. Wish granted! Merlin was probably a greyhound-lurcher. He may have had a bit of hunting dog in his background but he looked like a greyhound that wasn’t quite long enough.

Both were wonderful additions to the family and provided many years of love.

King of the Bed

The freshly laundered, large greyhound size bed has been commandeered by the cat.

This bed takes a few days to wash, reassemble, and get back in service because there are four large cushions in addition to the cover. I thought the dogs would be thrilled when it was back in service. So far, they have not had a chance to use it. The cat has been on it all day.

Orange Kitty does weigh 22 lbs. but that is only bigger than one of our dogs. At least he is appreciative.

Recycling: New Dog Bed

Morty enjoying the new bed

Here’s one project I can check off my list. New dog bed is ready to use!

As our old, decrepit arm chair got disassembled to put in the trash, we noticed the seat cushion was one large piece, so we saved it to make into a new bed for the dogs. I covered it with my daughter’s old blanket that I found in the hall closet. The twin blanket was a perfect fit.

I found directions for a dog bed on-line and altered it slightly since my cushion was an odd shape. Basically, you cut fleece fabric 4-6 inches bigger than your bed and cut strips about five inches long around the edges. Then tie them all together with doubles knots. Done! You can even untie and launder the cover if you need to.

I am very proud of this bed because all parts of it are recycled keeping waste out of a landfill. The animals seem to be rather fond of it too.

Shelby napping on the new bed

Grey Cats

I have a thing for grey cats. I have had three so far.

My most recent grey cat was Lacey, pictured above. She passed away a couple years ago from a cancer on her face. I actually asked my then sister-in-law if I could have Lacey because my cat named…Grey Cat, who looked remarkably like her with some additional white markings, had recently passed, also from a cancer of the face. After working on her husband for a while, they agreed I could have Lacey. She turned out to be nothing like Grey Cat but that was ok. She was a great cat in her own right.

Grey Cat, above, followed me everywhere in the house and sat in my lap every evening when it was time to watch tv. Lacey was quite friendly too but she loved everyone. Grey Cat was my cat. (My husband, at the time, named Grey Cat because he was, well, a grey cat. When he wanted to name our next cat Black & White Cat I told him, Ok you’re done naming the cats.)

Also pictured above is my third grey cat. He’s the one on the left with the Joker-like grin. He was named Bogart, and I adopted him from the local APL, along with his sister Lauren, who was a dilute calico from the same litter.

As you can see, Lauren had a fair amount of grey fur herself.

I have had many other cats over the years but I will save those for another day.

Kitty In a Box

All ready for shipping! Including packing material. Lol.

What is it about cats and boxes? Every box that comes through here, the cats try to claim. Even the tiny 4 x 4 inch boxes that Orange Kitty has no hope of fitting in. Well, maybe one foot.

Seriously! I feel guilty if I throw a box away. (I should say recycle. I would never put a box in the trash, gasp!) I am to the point where I am considering how I can make them into a two story kitty condo. I don’t want to be the meanie who denies the kitties their joy.

Orange Kitty may be ready for shipping but I think it is going to take extra postage!

Kitties In a Box

Why is it that kitties like boxes?

I have had this particular box for two weeks. Since I unpacked the Amazon order that came in it. Every time I go to put it in the recycling, there is a cat in residence. It remains the most popular cat hang out in our house.

Morty loves it.

Orange Kitty loves it. He was the first to try it as soon as the packing came out.

Have you heard the saying “as happy as a pig in mud”? I think that should be “as happy as a cat in a box”. That’s apparently where all the cool cats hang out.

I’m contemplating wallpapering it and adding a bed.


Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart. –Unknown

This quote could have been inspired by our Orange Kitty. (I tried to give him a real name but nothing else stuck.)

He is not disturbed in the least by our pack of five barking dogs. In fact they may pause to sniff noses with him. Other people’s visiting dogs do not bother him. Strangers don’t phase him. He does not join in with our other cat when there is a rodent to be hunted. He will chase bugs but I don’t think he ever hurts them.

His is the ultimate peaceable soul. Lessons abound around us if we are wise enough to see them.


Daddy’s Boys

We have had only two cats for about a year now. We used to always have more. They have both claimed my husband. I am catless. They don’t dislike me. They just treat me more like a roommate.

The little black and white guy is Morty aka Mortimer Kitten. Makes him sound like a Beatrix Potter character. He is tiny, about 8 lbs. He is a little chunky right now so his winter weight may be closer to 9 lbs. He is also 8 years old. He is a playful kitten who is shy around most people, except his daddy. It’s not so much that he’s afraid of people. It’s more that he has no use for them. He apparently finds them to be filthy since he washes furiously after anyone touches him. Morty finds me to be one step up from most people. I am to be tolerated.

We also have Orange Kitty. He is 3 years old and weighs in the neighborhood of 18-20 lbs. Although he dwarfs Morty, they are fast friends. They eat, sleep, and play together. Orange Kitty is tolerant of everyone, animals and people alike. If he has a choice he will hangout with daddy or Morty. He particularly likes to sit beside daddy in his armchair and watch tennis.

I’m not going to look for a cat for myself though. It’s only a matter of time before someone drops one off near our house. This happens every few years. Then we will have room to keep the next foundling.