Grey Cats

I have a thing for grey cats. I have had three so far.

My most recent grey cat was Lacey, pictured above. She passed away a couple years ago from a cancer on her face. I actually asked my then sister-in-law if I could have Lacey because my cat named…Grey Cat, who looked remarkably like her with some additional white markings, had recently passed, also from a cancer of the face. After working on her husband for a while, they agreed I could have Lacey. She turned out to be nothing like Grey Cat but that was ok. She was a great cat in her own right.

Grey Cat, above, followed me everywhere in the house and sat in my lap every evening when it was time to watch tv. Lacey was quite friendly too but she loved everyone. Grey Cat was my cat. (My husband, at the time, named Grey Cat because he was, well, a grey cat. When he wanted to name our next cat Black & White Cat I told him, Ok you’re done naming the cats.)

Also pictured above is my third grey cat. He’s the one on the left with the Joker-like grin. He was named Bogart, and I adopted him from the local APL, along with his sister Lauren, who was a dilute calico from the same litter.

As you can see, Lauren had a fair amount of grey fur herself.

I have had many other cats over the years but I will save those for another day.