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Sanctuary Acres

Dgos-Baxter and Shelby Baxter and Shelby

Looks like Baxter is telling Shelby “Hey, did you hear? Dogs must be licensed! This must mean we’re smart, huh?”

The deadline for purchasing your dog license for the year is January 31. The fee is set by the Commissioners of each county. The fee in my county is $15.00 per dog. If you do not purchase by that date, the fee is doubled, unless you just got a new dog or puppy

I am a certified evaluator for a therapy dog organization. As part of testing, I am required to ask to see proof of a Dog License. It is the law to have your dog licensed and of course no group wants to certify a dog that does not meet law requirements.

I thought knowledge of Dog Licenses was a common thing. Apparently I was wrong. On at least three separate occasions, I have asked…

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