How Technology Helped Us Today

Walk for a dog app mapping our hike
Today’s hike, mapped by the Walk for a Dog App

We took a different route on our hike this afternoon. We hiked for an hour and fifteen minutes. Some of the time we were not exactly sure where we were. We had a general idea, but it is easy enough to get turned around. What do you do when you and your hiking partner do not agree on which direction you are going? You download a Compass App and find out. Isn’t technology great?! There is little chance that we could actually get lost in the area we were hiking. It’s just a matter of how long until we get back to the car.

None of the dogs cared. They are happy to hike anywhere and for as long as we want. They did enjoy this particular hike because we were in the woods all the time and we didn’t encounter another person the entire time. And only Zekie cares about other hikers, bikers, etc.

We hike with five of our dogs. I walk Shelby and Claire, the two shelties, and Zekie the Keeshond/Sheltie mix. Hubby walks our greyhound Cassius, and Baxter the Lab/Rottweiler mix. We often elicit oohs and ahs at the sight of our pack. Little Nikki, aged 13, stays at home in front of the fireplace soaking up the heat.

Although our hike was a little over an hour and slightly more than 2.5 miles, it tired the dogs out. Even Zekie the Wonder Dog is resting for the evening. Zekie the Wonder Dog  Until our next hike…

Zekie resting post-hike
Zekie resting post-hike

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