Not Enough Books

One of my bookshelves

We have been isolating because of coronavirus concerns. We have a high risk issue so the disease could pose a serious problem. And we know it will get worse before it gets better. Look at poor Italy, 368 deaths due to the virus in the last 24 hours.

I feel terrible not going out and being of use and doing the things I should be doing.

The thing that I miss the most about not going out is that I didn’t get a chance to stock up on library books before this hit. I only had five left when this started. I will soon have to resort to my own stash of books. I have three shelves of books like the one pictured above. There is always on-line books too. Although I will look pretty silly sniffing my tablet trying to enjoy that new book smell.

We do take the dogs out hiking when the weather permits, so at least we do get a change of scenery.

I pray that the infections are mild and the deaths are few in our country and the rest of the world recovers quickly.