Seniority Has It’s Priveleges

Nikki, 12 years old

Seniority has its privileges.

Nikki sleeps upstairs in our bedroom now. She previously slept downstairs with the other dogs.

Only Zekie slept upstairs with us. He sleeps in a crate. We moved him upstairs only because he carried on so terribly due to his separation anxiety that we couldn’t sleep. Once he moved to a crate next to me, he sleeps like a baby.

Nikki has been barking to wake us up at first light recently. It started when foster dog Claire arrived. Claire was getting us up and then Nikki followed suit. Claire doesn’t get us up as early now. But Nikki is still trying.

Nikki has only minimal hearing left, so you can’t yell at her to be quiet. She barks, then stops to listen. Hearing nothing, she barks again. And so on. Since moving upstairs a few days ago, she has been quiet.

Ah, the joys of having a senior dog. I wouldn’t trade them for anything!