Good Boy, Zekie!

It’s been a while since I’ve given an update on Zekie. I realized recently that it’s because he hasn’t been as much trouble.

In fact, if we don’t take him on walks, he’s barely any trouble at all. We do have the mega security crate for when we go away and leave him home. I wouldn’t want to chance this without that crate. It has been a life saver. Literally.

But when we are around home, Zekie’s worst behavior is licking the floor, or the dog bed, or my pants. His insecurity manifests this way. You can’t scold him for licking. Since it is a result of insecurity, the more you tell him to stop, the worse it gets. A squirt bottle does help a little. Both result in our house getting wet though.

Zekie has improved to the point where we can go outside for bits of time and leave him loose in the house. If my husband goes to his workshop or to get wood, he takes Zekie with him since he is good on these trips. He can even spend hours in the workshop with power tools running.

Zekie is still leash reactive during walks. He does pretty well with walkers now, but still barks ferociously at other dogs. Even though he is fine with other dogs coming in our house.

Whenever we are inside, Zekie causes no trouble. He no longer gets into things. He doesn’t chew inappropriately. He doesn’t steal our things. He no longer jumps onto the dining room table to watch us through the window when we go outside. He does lay on the back of the couch beside the door to wait for our return, but this is rather endearing.

We first noticed Zekie’s improvement when we got our new foster dog about a month ago. It was the new dog stealing and chewing things and barking at us. When someone improves their behavior ever so slightly over a long period of time, it is not readily noticed. This has been the case with Zekie. He’s not perfect, but what an improvement.

Good boy, Zekie!