Books I Read in February 2020

1. Christmas at Rosie Hopkins’ Sweetshop-Jenny Colgan

Rosie & the village of Lipton have many adventures and discoveries over the holiday season.

2. How To Give Up Plastic-Will McCallum (Non-Fiction)

The many ways that plastic affects our planet, particularly our oceans, and ways to lessen its impact.

3. So You Want To Start a Podcast-Kristen Meinzer (Non-Fiction)

After reading this, I know that I do not want to start a podcast. So, worth the read.

4. Window On The Bay-Debbie Macomber

Friends Jenna & Maureen are life-time best friends. Single women who support each other over the years and each finds a new love.

5. The Guest Book-Sarah Blake

A saga of three generations of the Milton family in New York & summering in Maine. This book was a little hard for me to follow. I found it to be more trouble than it was worth. Not a bad book if you’re up for a challenge.

6. Dying for Devil’s Food-Jenn McKinley

Cupcake shop owners Mel & Angie have to figure who killed the mean girl at their class reunion.

7. Winter at the Beach-Sheila Roberts

Jenna, manager of the Driftwood Inn, is in charge of the winter festival by the sea. Mayhem ensues as a winter storm hits at the time of the festival.


  1. Issue of Woman’s Day-Fall 2019
  2. Bark-Summer 2019
  3. Bark-Spring 2019

If you needed to pick only one of these books to read, I would recommend #2 How To Give Up Plastic. I learned so much from this book, and I think I am fairly environmentally conscious. Did you know that micro plastics that cause harm are not just microbeads and plastics that are small to start with? Larger plastics can break down into smaller and smaller pieces, becoming micro plastics. I also learned that people with certain disabilities require straws to be able to drink. They need straws that are more environmentally friendly.

Check back at the beginning of April to see what my March reads were