In the Wild Blue Yonder

To you my friend. I’ll hold you in my heart until we meet again in the wild blue yonder.

I miss finishing each other’s sentences with the exact right thing. I miss laughing with you until I double over. I miss the way that you encouraged me to do things.

With you I learned that I could:

  • Do a 180 degree turn around in a pickup truck to get to that ice cream stand we just drove by
  • Carry an abandoned kitten that we found for half a mile to get home
  • Hike up an actual mountain in the state of Maine carrying a backpack
  • Put up a tent in the dark
  • Survive getting divorced and become a better person in the end

You also taught me that no matter what happens there is some good to be found. And that when times are rough, they will be good again.

You made my life better by being the bright spot that you were to so many. I miss you but a little bit of you goes wherever I go.