I had a moment of clarity and vision today. It was not good.

I am a scientist. I was at work reviewing a new batch of SDS’s (formerly MSDS’s). Safety Data Sheets-a source containing information about the safety, or lack there of, of various chemicals. One of the ways they determine this is by animal testing. There, at the back of the reports were the figures derived from the Draize tests on rabbit eyes to determine sensitivity. And results of other tests done on rats, mice, etc. Some of these chemicals are acids, folks!

I had to make my mind a blank to avoid having an emotional meltdown at work, thinking what this actually meant for these animals and what they must have suffered. It turns my stomach and causes me distress.

Yes, I am a scientist. I do not need evidence from experiments on some poor animals to know that acid in my eyes or on my skin is going to cause me harm.

Enough already! These barbaric tests must stop!