Food for Thought

I’m trying something new this year. I got a planner for the year that has month at a time pages and weekly pages with lines to write what you do each day. That way I can keep track of my commitments but also be able to write daily.

And what am I writing on these daily pages you might ask? (Or if you don’t want to ask, then as Rosanna Rosanna Danna often said…Never-mind.) I am going to do one kind thing everyday and record it in the journal. By keeping a record, it keeps me mindful and wanting to make sure that I have something to record. Most times it’s nothing fantastic.

It could be something as simple as leaving a quarter in the cart at our local Aldi’s grocery store. (You have to put in a quarter to get a cart and then you get your quarter back when you return the cart.) At least I am working on the habit of consciously being kind. I hope that this leads to bigger and kinder things from me.

Some days when I’m jotting down my kind act (or picking my brain to remember something I did that was nice) I wonder what should really qualify? When what I come up with is “Haul wood to the house while my hubby is sick so he can rest”, does that really qualify as something nice? Isn’t that just something I should do anyway?

So I’ve discovered that the difference between being nice, and doing what you should, is sometimes a fine line. Food for thought…