Quiet Hike. Not!

Cassius, Baxter, and Zeke

The weather was lovely on Saturday so we decided to take dogs for a walk. Shelby also went along but was too busy sniffing things to be present in this photo.

After my last walk with Zeke the Foster Dog, I expected it to be a work out. I was not disappointed. We leashed everybody up in the parking lot at Towners Woods. And the fun began right away. Another lady walking her dog was also in the parking lot. For whatever reason, her dog began barking at us. This set Zeke off and he became a barking, lunging, slavering beast. I was not able to break his focus from the other dog and he became quite ferocious acting. I finally had to pick him up and flip him over on his back and hold him down. After a few seconds of this he calmed enough to get up and quietly stare bullets at the backside of the lady and her dog as they scurried away.

Although my dog put on the better (read, more embarrassing, show), at least mine was now quiet and her’s was still barking as they hurried off into the distance. All of our own dogs seemed to be thinking, well let’s get this show on the road, we’re here to hike! So off we went with Zeke now behaving like just one of the pack.

Zeke and Shelby

Zeke did growl and jump at some other hikers but his heart didn’t seem to be in it except for the couple who had a Rottweiler and a Boxer. Them, he barked ferociously at. Umm, Zeke, you only weigh 42 lbs. But all in all we had a nice afternoon.


Shelby even took time to pose for a photo. And since the sun finally came out, we saw some beautiful scenery.

Towners Woods, Kent, Ohio

Infact I was so absorbed looking at the beauty of the foliage that I tripped on some tree roots and fell down. I fell down without catching myself because I twisted so I wouldn’t land on Zeke and hurt him. Although there were some minor pains the biggest hit was taken by my ego. Always save the dog!

Although I often share Zeke’s more troublesome antics, rest assured that he is a wonderful dog. The quiet times just don’t make as good of a story. Zeke is affectionate, loving, and good company. He gets along well with other dogs and cats at home. He is always happy to see you. Once he has settled into a permanent home, I have no doubt that he will blossom even more.