The Face of Innocence 

Look at that beautiful, innocent face. No trouble at all, right? Not so much. 

We were enjoying a spell of good weather so on Friday we were outside putting the gardens to bed, digging up bulbs, etc. Our dogs were outside but Zeke had to stay in because he has escaped the fence two times. Luckily he just wants to be with us so doesn’t run off. Unfortunately, we now have to keep him inside when we do yard work but he still wants to be with us. He got upset by this and got onto the dining room table again, no doubt trying to look out the window to see us. We could tell this because all the papers that were on the table, were all over the floor. 

We will give him another chance because this is not something he does all the time but if it continues he will have to be crated when we are outside. I hope we don’t have to do this because then Zeke becomes distraught and covered in drool. Not pleasant for any of us. 

The important thing is to keep him safe. And also to prevent destructive habits from forming. Not many people are looking for dogs with destructive habits to adopt. 

But that face…