Three Dogs


Three dogs enjoying the balmy weather before the next cold wave. We have a  brief respite with temperatures in the 30’s before we plunge back down to zero tonight. These guys insisted that they must go out and enjoy it. From left to right are Blitz the foster dog, Baxter, and Shelby. They were watching me while I  hauled more wood to the house. Note that the dog house is not there because the dogs spend lots of time  outside and need shelter. It was left here by a previous owner and our guys like to use it for extra shade sometimes in the summer.


This is Blitz keeping an eye on me.


And Shelby supervising me. She usually goes with me to get the wood so is not happy to be behind the fence. She doesn’t know what I might do if left to my own devices.


And Baxter wants to know why I  don’t throw the Frisbee instead of trudging back and forth with pieces of wood.

The other three dogs stayed in the house.  I imagine Phoebe the greyhound thought she might get her sweater dirty, Nikki, the petite sheltie, does not like dogs ( we don’t tell her that she is a dog ), and Roxanne the 15 year old sheltie is waiting for spring.

So the three dogs pictured above were my audience as I did my outside chores. I wouldn’t want to do it without them. They are good company.