Too Much Winter


Getting a little tired of seeing this. Actually seeing it isn’t the problem. The problem is all the shoveling that comes with it. That and hauling wood through the great white depths. I shoveled for about two hours today. That got the mail and paper boxes clear and enough of the driveway open that I  can park within a few feet of the door to the house. The rest of the driveway will have to wait for another day. Oh, snow blower how I miss thee. How cruel of you to give out when I still have need of you. We have a neighbor who lives down the road who was scheduled to plow for us in the event of larger snows such as this. His tractor is also on the  injured list. I guess this winter was just too much for  them.

Once I was done with the shoveling, it was time to haul wood. We’ve figured out a system using one of the recycling bins. I fill the bin with firewood and attach a heavy dog leash to it and pull it to the house. It works like a  sled and I think it is rather  ingenious. The  snow became too deep to get the tractor back to the wood crib quite a while ago.

I am hoping for a warm up, even a brief one, to lower the level of snow. Looking out the back door, it appears as if the fence around the dog yard is getting shorter. In reality the snow is getting deeper. Luckily the dogs don’t seem to have noticed this yet. Without a bit of a melt off I will have to make the snow less (read as more shoveling) or the fence taller. I  think I’ll pray for the melt off. The birds are in favor of the melt off as well.


The good news is that, as a  reward for all the work I did today, I made pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes for dinner! Oh yeah, and also that spring will officially be here next month.