Nikki’s Visit

Nikki in car

Nikki is a small, timid sheltie. I have to admit that she’s not particularly bright either, not for a sheltie. She is remarkably cute.  And I’m learning that she does have priceless gifts.

I take Nikki with me to visit at a nursing home/assisted living facility. I started taking her because, being so small, she is easy for me to hold so that people in wheel chairs can pet her. I didn’t think she ever really liked it. She would just be still and tolerant while people petted her. Apparently I was wrong, she does like it. This week I took Nikki visiting and when we got there no one was in the lobby to visit with us. They didn’t get the message that we were coming and forgot to post the sign for people to gather. I know some folks look forward to our visits so I sought them out. One gentleman, Larry, visits with us every time. He never misses. So we found his room, knocked on the door, and entered at his request. He was indeed happy to see us. I put Nikki on his bed and she sat for petting as usual. Larry paused in his petting to talk to me. Nikki sidled closer to lean on him and get more petting. She was really enjoying it. She leaned into Larry even more and got the biggest grin on her face. And then Larry got the biggest grin on his face. It was such a “feel good” moment that it will last me for a long time.

This is the miracle of a therapy dog.