The Life and Times of Sassy Pants


Last picture with Sassy Pants.

 Sassy went to her forever home this afternoon.  It is always bittersweet when the fosters leave.  They are loved and missed but they move on were they can be the center of attention. Sassy will have an 18 month old sheltie sister at her new home. The family has been eagerly planning for and awaiting this day.

Sassy was glad to see her new family when they arrived. (They had come to visit her once before. ) We talked for a while and when it was time to go they put the leash on her and asked if she wanted to go  bye-bye.  Sassy yipped and went to the door. Made me think “what are we, chopped liver?” Although chopped liver would be good in a dog’s eyes, wouldn’t it? Really I don’t mind that Sassy likes her new family so well. It’s terrible when they look back at you like you’re a traitor who is  sending them away.

Sassy has a great life ahead of her and I’m sure I’ll get reports as to how she is doing. And of course the next foster sheltie is waiting in the wings. He is scheduled to come next Sunday. And so life goes on.