Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun


Dogs just wanna have fun. (Think the Cyndi Lauper tune here.) Not that they are never serious but they know when it is time to work and when it is time to kick back and let loose. You can tell from the expression on Baxter’s face that he is having a great time even if Shelby is the one with the Frisbee at the moment. He’s nice, he shares.


Here is Princess, one of our foster dogs from a couple of years ago. That girl knew how to have a good time. She would chase the Frisbee with Baxter and Shelby and the three of them got along like they had been together all of their lives. Sometimes I regret letting her get adopted. She was a perfect fit for our pack. But you can’t keep them all. Or so I am told.


Phoebe, the greyhound, also knows how to play when she can muster up the energy.  Greyhounds are couch potatoes 98% of the time but when they decide that they want to play, look out! Tearing up mouthfuls of grass and flinging them in the air then running at full speed for about 30 seconds is one of her favorite pass times in the summer. Note this lasts 30 seconds. No need to get carried away.

We can learn a few things about how to have a good time from dogs. But at the end of the day, don’t forget to relax. And if you can do it with a friend, even better!