Spring Will Come


As I was driving to work in the morning I thought the midnight blue color of the sky was so pretty that I should take a picture of it to share. Later I looked at the photo and the view was pretty. But then I thought, I have already shared some winter photos this week. Let’s look forward in anticipation of how pretty and full of life spring is! So above is a picture of one of the flower beds, beside the house, from last spring. And, oh it is beauty for the soul. Knowing that we will see this sight again is enough.


This is the same bed from another angle. I love coming home and wandering around amongst all this lush greenery. Some see the start of the new year as a time for change. To me, spring is a time of re-birth and a chance for new beginnings. If life erupts from the dormant, brown beds, then new growth can erupt from me as well.


And this photo of the peonies is just because I love them so. They are my favorite flower. Their beauty is so pleasing to me that I go outside just to stare at them. And they are the most heavenly thing that I have ever smelled. When walking dogs on the paths at the cemetery near our house, I will smell the peonies along the way. Each variety has a different scent. Some are strong and clean smelling, others are soft and light in fragrance. And the colors are a feast for the eyes. The dark reds, the brilliant pinks, the pastel pinks, and the whites, some with pink centers. They come with blooms that are single or doubles.  I love them all!