Green Bowls of Love


I love these green bowls!  For one thing they are green. And a very pretty shade too.  They  collapse for storage so they take up less room.  What a  nifty idea. Or you can use them in the collapsed state with something like taco dip in the center and tortilla chips in the outer ring.  Usually I use them for parties since they are large and hold a lot of food. So these bowls make me think of  fun.


My favorite thing about these  bowls though is that they were a gift from  my sister-in-law, so every time I use them I think of her. She has a set of them and liked them so well that she thought I would enjoy having a set as well.

So these bowls serve two metaphorical purposes for me. One, they remind me to be grateful for the common, everyday things that I encounter in my life. They remind me to see more than what is in front of my face. And two, they remind me of love. I think of the kindness and thoughtfulness that was involved with the giving of them. And how awesome it is that I have a sister-in-law that I love. As I used to tell my daughter when she was in school, your actions can make or break someone’s day. You can be the bright spot that affects how they feel. Your actions, be it a smile or a kind gesture, can have far reaching effects, quite possibly more than you will ever know.