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Training With Zekie

Zekie in the fall leaves

Zekie and I took a walk around our property this evening so I could get some fall photos. I decided this was a good opportunity to work on sits and stays.

Zekie in front of the burning bushes

I was pleased. He did very well. We also worked on his paying attention to me and sitting whenever I stopped walking. That went pretty well too.

Zekie and squash

He even did a sit-stay on the house steps. Those treats in my pocket worked wonders!

Photo Opportunities

Zekie, Claire, and Shelby

I have been working on teaching Claire to sit and stay. It is very handy for taking photos. She does sit, it just takes her a few seconds to respond. We will have to spend time now achieving a swift response.

We are also working on the stay. As soon as I back up enough to take the photo, Claire pops back up. That will be easy enough to extend her sit time with practice.

Zekie and Shelby have it down. They sit and wait throughout my corrections and work with Claire. Zekie learned quickly from watching Shelby. I would give the stay command and he would look at Shelby to see what she was doing and if she was upset that I was walking away. He saw that she was not upset so would stay and await further instruction.

Claire takes more repetition before things click, but she will get there.

In the meantime I get to enjoy practicing with these photo opportunities.