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Have You Heard These Love Songs?

I love the sound of tree frogs in the spring. This evening I stood at the fence line overlooking our neighbor’s property and pond, just to listen to them. You can listen to them too in the video above! I used to call them all peepers. I learned that these chirpy spring singers are tree frogs, but not all are peepers.

The songs of the different types of frogs are distinguishable if you listen closely. Some are chirpy. Some are croaky. Others trill. I’m sure they are like birds, in that if you study them, you will learn to tell them apart. For now, I just enjoy their songs.

I love to hear them to the point that I will stand outside the back door in the evening and listen to them. Other times, like this evening, I will walk closer to listen to the symphony as they perform. Mostly they sing at dusk although if it is rainy and damp they will make their music during the daytime as well.

I used to think that I heard one call and a future mate give an answering chirp. I recently discovered that only the males sing, so this is not the case. More likely, one is trying to out sing the other and proclaim his superior virility to all female frogs in the area.

And so, when I stand by and listen to the tree frogs sing, what I am hearing are amphibian love songs. No wonder they sound so sweet.

The Gray Tree Frog

I found this visitor on the patio this afternoon when I put up the sun umbrella. He/she had been sheltered underneath the umbrella. This is a gray tree frog. They change colors to blend in with their surroundings. I have seen green and brown ones, but with these markings, they are apparently still considered to be the gray tree frog.

You can see his toe pads which are sticky for clinging and climbing. I performed an internet search and was surprised to find that these little guys can live 7-9 years! They eat mostly crickets, but also a variety of other soft, small things such as worms, moths, mosquitoes, etc.

I love to listen to the songs these little guys sing. Maybe I’ve been listening to the same frogs for the past several years! Nature surprises me again.